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Andrew Chandler, founder, CEO and owner of Resource Data Management (RDM) is excited to announce the sale of RDM group to Swedish technology group Sdiptech. The decision to sell to Sdiptech was made considering shared interests, mindset and philosophy between the two companies to steer RDM towards an even stronger future.

Sdiptech are a technology group focused on infrastructure that buys and develops companies, contributing to creating more sustainable, efficient and safer societies. Their decentralized business model allows bought companies to be run independently within the framework of Sdiptech's management. This also applies to RDM and we’d like to reassure all of our customers, that operations across all RDM offices will continue as usual.

Andrew Chandler commented: “We are very happy to become part of Sdiptech. The Sdiptech Group’s knowledge and presence within both air and climate control, as well as building management systems are highly valued, and is another reason why we believe this is a great fit for us in our further development. We are looking forward to working with both the central team and our peers within Sdiptech.”

More information about Sdiptech is available on their website:

GLOBAL | Posted on 13 May 2022


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