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DMTouch’s Open Protocol Communication Capabilities Save Installation Cost and Time and Offer Consolidated Reports

Resource Data Management (RDM) are proud to support Shah Alam City Council (MBSA), Malaysia, in its initiative to reduce energy consumption to lower its carbon footprint. The Low Carbon City Initiative aims to achieve an annual energy reduction of 5-15% per year at various sites including government buildings, hospitals, commercial facilities, and universities. This effort is part of their overall strategy to achieve the national carbon reduction target of 45% by 2030.

In the first project phase, energy consumption is monitored and data collected from all sites. RDM installed their control and monitoring system front-end DMTouch at Wisma MBSA, the city council’s main building. DMTouch serves as a central hub for collecting energy data from all sites that are part of the project. It presents consumption statistics and trends in a user-friendly format enabling analysis of current issues.

DMTouch receives the data from a mix of third-party power meters. It’s able to integrate with non-RDM equipment because it can communicate via open protocols such as XML, BACnet, Modbus, and Web Services.

Using the DMTouch for this project and making use of its open protocol communication capabilities, allowed MBSA to use just one central control and monitoring system for all sites and for energy meters from various manufacturers. This approach saves installation costs and time and offers central data collection and consolidated reports when compared to installing separate control and monitoring devices at each facility to integrate with the different types of energy meters that use proprietary communication protocols.

The gathered data is analysed and strategies are put in place to reduce energy consumption for MBSA to achieve their goal of becoming a low carbon city.

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ASIA | Posted on 23 Feb 2023


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