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The new RDM TouchXL TDB Controller is a standalone device for performing the role of programmable TDB controller and touch-screen user interface in one package. The device is expandable via CAN bus (up to 10 expansion boards) which enables the controller to increase its control and monitoring I/O capacity.


Power of The Data Builder (TDB)

The TouchXL TDB Controller comes with our powerful programmable logic control software built in. Users can also build programs on our free TDB Desktop Editor and upload them to the device.

10 inch Touch Screen Display

With a high definition touch screen, TouchXL processes data from other devices or inputs into easily interpreted information in real time.

LED and Audio Notifications

TouchXL comes with a built-in LED notification strip and buzzer for the visual and audio delivery of alarms.

Networking and Power Options

With Ethernet IP and Fibre Optic options, TouchXL allows for flexible installation depending on the requirements. TouchXL also accommodates multiple power supply options, including a choice of either PoE (Power over Ethernet) or an external 24Vdc supply (min 13W).

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PRODUCT | Posted on 03 Mar 2017


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