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Primarily intended for use in refrigeration display cabinets, coldroom or walk-in storage applications, the new Mercury Mk3 Stepper controller is now available. It is designed to control an evaporator stepper valve, based on the value of its temperature and/or pressure inputs.

Including an analogue 4-20mA or 0-10v input to facilitate direct connection of a pressure transducer for superheat measurement, two-volt free digital inputs which can be configured as a plant fault, case off switch, temperature range switch, manual defrost, valve shut or in coldroom variants, door status switch and person trapped signals. Additional outputs can be used for the control of lights, fans, suction valve, trim heaters and defrost control.

Optional integrated networking options allow users to connect the Mercury Mk3 Stepper Controller directly to a network without the need for an additional interface module. Integrated connectivity options include Ethernet IP or RS232.

Remote Display

For flexibility, the Mercury Mk3 Stepper is available with multiple display options that can be positioned up to 5m from the controller.


Description Part Number
Mercury DIN Remote Display with 5m cable PR0327
Mercury DIN Keyswitch Remote Display with 5m cable PR0328
Mercury mk2 Remote Display with 5m cable PR0725
Mercury Coldroom Display PR0152

Flexible Networking

Mercury controllers that do not have an optional IP or RS232 interface are capable of connecting to either TCP/IP local, or RS485 Genus compatible networks. For connection to a network, users will need to add the correct communications module. Controllers with built-in IP can communicate to any IP switch, including the rear ports of the RDM Mercury Switch (PR0018).


Description Part Number
IP Futura (Single Mercury to IP Interface) PR0016/DIN
RS485 Interface (Single Mercury to RS485 Interface) PR0026/DIN
Mercury IP Switch (IP support for 10 controllers) (Fibre Option) PR0018/F
Mercury IP Switch with Pressure/Humidity Inputs (Fibre Option) PR0018-PHI/PR0018-F-PHI


What Next

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PRODUCT | Posted on 10 Aug 2018


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