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Resource Data Management Ltd (RDM), global energy and building controls specialists, announced the launch of a new range of Intuitive controllers for use with applications requiring PLC control across the HVACR sector. The new generation of Intuitive TDB Controllers will be available from 11th January 2018 at the same low cost as previous hardware.

New and Enhanced Features

Building on the success and popularity of the Intuitive range, the new generation of Intuitive TDB Controller is designed to increase flexibility, simplify the install and set-up process and reduce installation costs.

The new controller boasts a range of new and enhanced features including optional built-in colour LCD, extended temperature range, dual Ethernet ports, four PWM outputs and increased processing power and memory.

RAM is four times larger, the flash storage has increased sixteen-fold and the processing power has doubled, providing users with a faster experience when using the device, and more memory space. The optional built-in display replaces the older display allowing for values, graphs, gauges and other graphics to be displayed.

The Intuitive TDB controller is incredibly flexible making it ideally suited for the HVACR and BEMS markets, including the ability to communicate to Modbus® devices and connect via BACnet protocols as well as the RDM standard XML over IP. In addition to the device inputs and outputs, Intuitive TDB controllers feature a mix of built-in communications ports including USB, and CAN bus for simple connectivity to devices and peripherals. Web services are available over IP.

Previous hardware had a single Ethernet port, the new hardware variant has two. These dual ports can act as a network switch they can connect other IP devices to the network. Negating the need for a separate network switch, whilst minimising the amount of cabling required to reduce installation costs further.

With the addition of a USB Wi-Fi adapter, also available from RDM, the Intuitive TDB controller can communicate over Wi-Fi networks without network cables. A built-in IP network interface can facilitate connection to DMTouch, one of the most advanced control system front-ends available within the HVACR control sector, or an IP network without the need for an extra communications module.

Four new PWM analogue outputs, enable the device to output Pulse Width Modulation. When configured using TDB (The Data Builder) licence free PLC editing software from RDM, the controller can support strategy controls, including EEV, or evaporator fans.

Andrew Chandler, CEO of the RDM Group commented on the launch:

"The new features and enhancements added to the Intuitive hardware, have been designed following consultation with our customers and thorough research by our technical engineers, to present one of the most advanced PLC controllers in the marketplace.

As companies become ever more cost-conscious, our engineering team had the challenge of sourcing components that operate at an extended temperature range and offer faster operation while being set the same cost footprint. This challenge was overcome and we are proud to offer the new features at no additional cost.

Providing solutions that present value for money underpin our ethos, which is why the PLC software and desktop editing software that supports the Intuitive TDB Controller is license free, as is training at our Glasgow, USA and Malaysian offices."

Andrew Chandler Resource Data Management

All RDM product training courses are available at no additional cost to all RDM customers at the RDM head office training facility, to ensure that RDM products and solutions deliver the very best results for each customer.

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PRODUCT | Posted on 11 Jan 2018


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