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RDM has today announced a major software update for DMTouch. The newly released software v3.0 includes an entirely new user interface (UI). There are also many new features that will make it faster and more efficient for users to view, manage and control their data. Installation and maintenance personnel, and those responsible for overseeing compliance, energy and control within buildings, will benefit from the advantages, respective to their day-to-day roles.

Streamlined Navigation

Retaining a similar navigation structure to the previous software, the clear, consistent navigation focuses the user’s attention, helping reach their end objective quickly. The UX features make it much faster and simpler to view and manage their data, designed to enable users to make intended actions efficiently and effectively.

Digital Signature

A significant new feature, particularly beneficial for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is the option to assign an RDM digital signature to exported data. This guarantees the integrity of data, as it cannot be corrupted by user interference as digital signatures are removed upon user edit.

Start-Up Wizard

On powering up, users are presented with a start-up wizard, enabling them to select between a light and dark theme, opt for a Refrigeration or HVAC/BMS or discipline and have the ability to choose the operating time zone and panel language.

RDM DMTouch Software V3.0

Personalised Dashboard

The new system gives users the ability to create a panel-specific dashboard. Options include:

  • Gauges
  • Real-time graphs
  • Alarms
  • Device status
  • Temperature Performance Indicator (TPI)
  • Discipline summaries. Providing a custom overview of site data, relevant to varying individuals.

Simple User Management

With the new software update, there is the ability to more effectively control system users. Settings are now in place to lock out users after repeated failed login attempts and local domain networks and directories can now be synced for streamlined user management. Unique passwords and usernames will also be issued to enhance security.

Easily Digested Data

Reporting and device management functions include Multi-watch Discipline and Device Watch Tabs, COP oF and PSI additions, and the ability to export data as little as every 15 seconds. The Multi-watch Discipline Tab gives users the ability to create groups of items to graph over time while inputs, outputs, parameters and control states from devices can be amalgamated into one graph for real-time viewing/monitoring. Using the Device Watch Tab, users can select a device then specific items to display on a quick real-time graph. 

Networking enhancements include improved network handling when splitting devices.

Andrew Chandler, CEO of the RDM Group, commented on the launch:

‘’Inspired by feedback from customers and partners; this totally new release with as many changes inside as out has been in development for more than two years.

"We focused on the user experience for all team members (Installation and Maintenance Engineers, and Facility, Compliance, and Energy Managers) making the product more efficient to use. We are proud of the new software, and are confident that it will simplify and speed up the user experience, by increasing customer awareness of advanced functionality and delivering quick access to detailed information.”

Want to know more?

Contact an expert who can talk you through the new release and how it can be tailored to your unique business requirements. 

PRODUCT | Posted on 08 Mar 2019


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