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Software release v3.0 for the Intuitive TDB Controller featured a current transducer (CT) block, which enables TDB programs to read directly from a current transducer via the RDM 5 Channel Current Monitor PR0626. This optional add-on will allow the user to utilise the digital outputs of the CT block in their logic to generate alarms and as part of a run-proof strategy.

The 5 Channel Current Monitor provides an interface for the RDM Intuitive Superpack PR0650-SUP and Intuitive TDB PR0650-TDB controllers to allow up to 5 Current Transformers to be connected per single 5 Channel Current Monitor PR0626. Up to ten 5 Channel Current Monitors can be connected to a single Intuitive controller allowing up to 50 CT’s to be connected in total.

To achieve this, the use of RDM 4 Port USB Hubs PR0624 will be required. The Current Transformers are used to measure the current being drawn from devices when they are in operation. This enables the Superpack or TDB controller to be used for recognising whether a device is running when it is being requested by the control strategy. When configured within the TDB or Superpack controller, it enables the control logic to shut down the device, which it is monitoring, if it is drawing too much or too little current and allows constant logging* of current consumption.

*Superpack software only.

Key Benefits

Using the CT monitor, set and configured to the scale of the load, users have the ability to create a TDB program that has a better-informed feedback loop that can actually determine if the load is on without invasive system changes.

For example, a user can monitor a water pump that runs at a 2 to 3 amp load. If the associated TDB program turns the pump on and the load is 0 or 0.5 amps, or 4 or 5 amps, it gives the user the ability to identify that there is an error or issue with the system. Users can then trigger an alarm, run an auxiliary pump, and changeover of the function or whatever is best for the system.

Further Information

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PRODUCT | Posted on 27 May 2016


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