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A new model variant within the Coldroom Panel range from RDM is now available. The new controller is designed to operate a low or high-temperature coldroom via the control of a motorised Stepper Expansion Valve.

The new Stepper Coldroom panel uses proven technology already found within the PR0150 Coldroom control panel. Contained within a purpose developed enclosure with the detachable remote display, the Stepper Coldroom Panel can be configured to include a variety of networking and electrical safety options dependent upon individual requirement.

Optionally integrated networking options allow users to connect the Stepper Coldroom Controller directly to a network without the need for an additional interface module. Integrated connectivity options include Ethernet IP or RS485 (Genus protocol).

Energy Efficient

Available with or without a mains isolation switch, the panel includes a host of energy-saving and safety features.

Remote Display

For flexibility, the panel display on the Coldroom Controller is removable and can be wall mounted away from the control box.

Safety & Accuracy

The new stepper motor output provides accurate temperature control. While the direct pressure transducer connection can calculate Superheat based on suction pressure.

What Next?

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PRODUCT | Posted on 15 Jun 2018


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