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Supporting small food retail stores, Resource Data Management (RDM) recently launched its Mini Intuitive Superpack controller: a refrigeration and condenser control system. The Mini Intuitive Superpack is ideal to be used on small sites with less than five compressors. New application software, version 4.7, for the Intuitive Superpack controllers is now also available. It is compatible with the Mini Intuitive Superpack and the Intuitive Superpack controller which is ideal for use in medium to large size food retail stores.

Features of the Mini Intuitive Superpack

At RDM we understand that small format food retail stores such as convenience stores or food-to-go premises require smaller control solutions tailored to their smaller refrigeration needs. The Mini Intuitive Superpack was designed with these requirements in mind. Featuring fewer inputs and outputs compared to RDM’s Intuitive Superpack, the new version is ideal for smaller applications reducing costs and space required in the panel. However, extension boards are available if more inputs/outputs are required in the future.

New Software Features

The new software version 4.7, also compatible with the larger Intuitive Superpack Controller, automatically configures itself to the hardware platform in use. All parameters and configuration menus associated with the specific hardware will be made available. An updated, user-friendly setup menu simplifies the set-up process and reduces the configuration time. A new ‘auto hide parameter’ function automatically hides all inputs/outputs that are not in use, enabling an easier navigation of the controller’s computer-generated interface (CGI).

Additional Information

For more details on the new Mini Intuitive Superpack controller and updated software, please contact us at

PRODUCT | Posted on 12 Nov 2019


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