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RDM Asia is proud to announce that our joint venture with UEM Group of Malaysia, UEM Edgenta, is due to begin benefitting from a new partnership with Microsoft.

The three-year deal is designed to “drive digital initiatives based on cutting edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Predictive Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality” and was agreed between UEM Group and Microsoft Malaysia management.

UEM Edgenta, conceived in 2015 between RDM Asia and UEM Group has allowed for capitalisation on RDM’s technical experience in energy management, remote monitoring and control solutions. The UEM Edgenta monitoring bureau will benefit from advanced Microsoft tools like their Azure IoT hub and machine learning.

Our Managing Director, Andrew Chandler commented on the announcement: “RDM group are proud and honoured to be part of this agreement and supply advanced IP controls and predictive software to help the joint venture UEM Edgenta and Microsoft deliver intelligent buildings.”

“By using RDM IoT hardware and embedded intelligent software, the data is normalised and fed into the Microsoft cloud for analytics and used by the UEM Edgenta bureau to manage client assets,” he said, adding “This is just the start of a fantastic opportunity to help buildings think, self-diagnose and improve efficiencies for maintainers.”

ASIA | Posted on 21 Mar 2017


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