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Resource Data Management (RDM) have announced the release of a major firmware update for their line of HVAC and refrigeration PLC controllers: Intuitive, Mini Intuitive and TouchXL TDB. TDB software version 4.3 provides enhancements to the user interface and new features which further expand the functionality and flexibility of previous versions.

RDM also offers a free-to-download and use TDB Desktop Editor for users to create their PLC strategies. A PLC editing suite is also available for RDM devices and comes as standard in RDM’s TDB controllers with the software licence lasting the lifetime of the hardware.

New Features of TDB Software 4.3

MQTT Support

The latest TDB software update introduces support for MQTT, an efficient IoT messaging protocol. With the new functionality, an RDM PLC controller can be configured as a Client to communicate with an MQTT Server, allowing user-defined items from within a TDB program to be published.

Set Timed Parameter Feature Allows Temporary Changes

A new feature “Set Timed Parameters” has been added. It allows parameters to be adjusted locally or remotely to a new value for a specified time only, before changing back to the original value.

This feature allows users to apply parameters that are only advantageous for a short period of time, such as modifying air conditioning setpoints, which can support energy-saving strategies.

User-Friendly BACnet Interface

The update also includes improvements to the BACnet interface, such as the option to add a BACnet Object ID and customisable BACnet Name, rather than fixed, auto-assigned text descriptions. Users can select which items are included in the BACnet list and the order in which they appear. A new BACnet Information page has been added to summarise the configured BACnet items.

Customisable Home Page

Any interface connected to RDM’s PLC controllers, such as PCs, RDM’s TouchXL displays, or mobile devices, can be customised with a number of options. During commissioning, the default theme can be set to dark or light, and the home page can be set to default to either a layout or the control summary page, or a custom home page.

Additional Features

Several other enhancements and new features have been added in software version 4.3, such as a new Site Setup page, the Modbus Test Tool, support for TLS version 1.2, and improvements to Auto Export capabilities for the controller.

More Information

For more information about the new TDB Software 4.3 for RDM’s PLC controllers, please contact us at A user guide listing all new features is also available via RDM’s support account.


PRODUCT | Posted on 27 Jul 2022


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