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New features provide greater flexibility for pack and condenser control

Resource Data Management (RDM) are pleased to announce a major software update for the Intuitive Superpack controller, designed for multi-compressor and condenser fan control in industrial and commercial pack refrigeration systems. In November 2019, RDM introduced software version 4.7, which included simplified setup menus as well as support for a new hardware platform, the Mini Intuitive.

Now a host of new features have been added as part of version 5.0, available today. The new update includes several new features, such as internal data logging, custom universal IO configuration, alarm email notifications and more. 

Internal Data Logging and Graphing

Previously only available with RDM’s control system head-end, the new software allows for data logging to internal memory within the controller, allowing engineers to retrieve historic operating information for fault finding purposes. The logged data can be graphed using a PC interface or RDM’s 10” touchscreen display, TouchXL.

Enhanced Export Functionality

The new software includes options to export several additional controller data types, including pressures, temperatures, compressor starts, alarm and system logs and controller parameters. The data can be exported to a .csv or .html file format via a laptop/PC connection or directly from the controller using a USB drive.

Universal IO’s: Custom Analogue Ranges

New parameters provide greater flexibility of analogue signals for sensors or control using the controller’s Universal inputs and outputs. While previously only 4-20mA and select voltage ranges were supported, users can now set the inputs or outputs to any range between 0-20mA or 0-10Vdc. Ranges can also be inverted to accommodate signals such as 10-0V. 

Proof Auto Reset Parameter

A new parameter acts as an automatic fault reset timer for compressors which have been shut down due to the controller’s existing compressor run-proof feature.  This allows the compressor to restart if the fault clears, potentially leading to maintenance cost savings by eliminating the need for site visit by an engineer to manually reset the compressor. 

Other Features

The software update includes several other benefits, including enhancements to the controller’s BACnet functions, an alarm email feature, and an option to generate alarms for probe faults.

For more information about the Intuitive Superpack Software version 5.0, please contact us at More information on the entire Intuitive range is available here

PRODUCT GLOBAL | Posted on 11 Dec 2020


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