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This year’s Energy & Store Development Conference (E+sd) took place September 8-11 at Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, where Resource Data Management (RDM) displayed a range of HVACR control & monitoring systems. Proven to increase energy efficiency for food retailers, RDM’s solutions streamline operating processes, facilitate proactive maintenance and provide user-friendly front-end control of plant equipment.

FMI's annual E+sd conference analyses current challenges in the food retail sector such as building customer loyalty in a competitive environment and implementing energy-saving technologies. To address these challenges, the event focuses on discussions and solutions around refrigeration, energy-efficiency and store maintenance.

Solutions on Display

RDM’s DMTouch, a front-end control and monitoring system based on open protocols, can offer complete visibility of every HVACR asset on site, including third-party equipment. Providing user-friendly reports, it facilitates streamlining energy efficiency to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Intuitive TDB Controllers can control over 600 points from one device. They include highly flexible, license-inclusive PLC software to precisely meet every store’s control requirements. A free desktop editing tool is also available.

ActiveFM, award-winning remote monitoring, incident handling and energy management software ensures optimal efficiency. Providing real time data and insights, predicting system failures and facilitating proactive maintenance, the system helps to protect assets and to reduce operating costs.

RDM at E+sd

Our experts in the HVACR industry were on site to provide more information on RDM’s solutions for maximising energy efficiency in food retail stores. With FMI's conference' focus on innovative technologies, RDM presented its solutions that feature remote software upgrades and third-party control compatibility via open protocols. Users will benefit from greater flexibility, scalability and reducing installation time and costs.

Find Out More

Read a success story: RDM’s solutions help retailer achieve 36% energy savings

Get in touch: Christopher Pegg, Sales Manager, North America will be on site

Event information: agenda and conference overview are available here

EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS | Posted on 13 Sep 2019


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