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Resource Data Management (RDM) exhibited at Atlanta’s FMI Energy and Store Development Conference 23 - 26 September for a sixth year. The event was hosted by FMI, the Food Marketing Institute, an organisation which strives to provide comprehensive programs, resources, guidance, advocacy and services for the food, pharmacy and grocery retail industry. With training sessions and networking opportunities, the conference itself aims to build both knowledge and industry contacts within this new era of food retail.

How do RDM products fit into this new era?

Focusing on innovative technology, RDM products incorporate the latest software – all the time. How? By offering remote upgrading through our fully integrated IP network. This means that as soon as we have any new developments, so do you. And it doesn’t end there.

As well as maximising energy efficiency while reducing costs, our HVAC and refrigeration products are based on open protocols. This means our customers can link our devices to existing equipment through a common language – we do not lock you in via a closed protocol. Customers are therefore free to choose from a range of suppliers which best meet their technical and financial needs. The result? Greater flexibility and scalability whilst reducing installation time and costs.

How was RDM presented at the event?

Our RDM USA team, including Christopher Pegg, Manager, North America, exhibited within the Manufacturer + Retail Exchange (M+RE). This included two receptions, the opening network reception on Sunday and the second networking reception on Monday. Here the team offered demonstrations of our products and showed why our HVACR ranges are used by major retailers across the world.  

What next?

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EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS | Posted on 26 Sep 2018


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