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Resource Data Management (RDM) is proud to announce that starting from January 2020, all new company cars will be 100% electric. This switch reflects RDM’s company ethos and core product development policy centred on sustainability. Since conception saving energy, time and precious planet resources has been a priority for RDM.

The process of moving away from traditional fuel cars was already started in 2014 when hybrid cars were added to the company car policy as the preferred option. In 2017, a trial was started with the first fully electric car to gauge its impact on operations relating to distance and charge time. Proven to be a viable option, RDM is now finalising the switch to fully electric vehicles.

Introducing 100% electric cars follows a long-standing tradition of sustainable business practices. From the very beginning in the early 2000s, RDM invested in technologies to make the head office more energy-efficient. Examples include installing LED lighting, a newly insulated roof, fuel-efficient heating systems, ‘free air’ cooling for the data centre as well as occupancy detectors. Combining the control of air conditioning and heating systems using one of RDM’s integrated BMS systems was another improvement that keeps operation overheads low and provides real, measurable energy savings and environmental benefits.

One of the most complicated and rewarding projects was the installation of two 15kw wind turbines. As a 24/7 operation, the turbines were designed to meet all of the night time and 75% of the daytime demand. A long arduous process, after a year of negotiations and overcoming obstacles, the turbines were installed in 2008.

Energy-saving initiatives, save not only energy but allow RDM to keep operating costs to a minimum, offsetting inflation and allowing them to pass cost savings onto customers.

GLOBAL | Posted on 13 Jan 2020


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