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As one of the original members of the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA), Resource Data Management (RDM) is pleased to announce renewed membership.

Focused on providing practical benefits for its members, spanning the range of companies operating in the building controls and BEMS sector, the BCIA aims to promote the use of controls as key to the operational efficiency of buildings.

As a leader in advanced open web-based building control, remote monitoring and energy management solutions, RDM help companies be safety compliant, protect assets and manage energy. Sharing the values that underpin and are fundamental to the BCIA.

RDM has continuously controlled, monitored and contributed to the development of multi-building control systems. Combining local on-site processing with remote verification via the RDM cloud. Their knowledge of building controls and IoT is vast. RDM products deliver predictive maintenance, as well as help identify system issues and energy waste before it becomes a problem.

As a pioneer in advocating genuinely open control systems at the device level for over 20 years, their ongoing push for truly open protocols such as XML and web services has helped propel the industry. They believe that truly open communications should not be driven by clubs and that users should not be required to become members of a particular society. Instead, organisations should be driven to develop standard technology that just communicates when connected.

The combined solution of RDM IoT hardware, performing on-site processing and feeding data to their ActiveFMTM; web-based Data Management system makes RDM a true partner for anyone looking to manage assets, predict failures and optimise energy usage.

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UK | Posted on 12 Mar 2018


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