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The Project

Tony Ingpen, owner of a Supa IGA franchise supermarket in Victoria, Australia, is committed to helping create a sustainable retail industry. His facility management (FM) provider approached him with an opportunity to reduce energy consumption. The proposed solution consisted of improving the control and monitoring of his store equipment to help mitigate future scheduled energy price rises. This would help to maintain the mutually beneficial relationship with customers and suppliers.

The Solution

The FM provider engaged Resource Data Management (RDM) Australia and ICE Electrical Contractors who jointly designed a complete solution with improved control and visibility. RDM controls were installed on the refrigeration system, and refrigeration optimisation features were enabled on RDM’s DMTouch, a front-end control and monitoring solution. RDM’s Intuitive TDB Controller with programmable logic software (PLC) was installed to control the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. A variable speed drive was installed on the air handling unit to achieve energy savings while maintaining comfort levels within the store. Another Intuitive TDB Controller controls the site’s internal and external lighting. The refrigeration controls were pre-programmed before installation, which meant the switchover took only four hours, minimising the risk of stock loss.

The Benefits

The optimisation features have enabled the refrigeration system to work smarter, which significantly improved its Coefficient of Performance (CoP). The DMTouch emails reports and alarms to selected staff who can make decisions quickly and remotely, saving potential stock loss and call-out costs. The compatibility of RDM controls with a range of third-party sensors contributed to the fast turnaround and saved additional supply and installation costs. The energy savings from this new solution amount to 28% of the previous total site electricity. A complete return on investment achieved in just over one year. Additionally, the carbon reduction is estimated to be 292,000kg/year.


REFRIGERATION & BMS | Posted on 14 Jul 2017


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