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The Project

Winthrop Gardens SUPA IGA is a privately-owned, independent supermarket with a café offering fresh food cooked on site. The business had made previous attempts to streamline energy performance through maintenance and investing in solar solutions. The results were minimal, and after a complete system failure resulting in stock losses, new solutions needed to be installed urgently.

The Solution

The store’s service provider National Refrigeration Solutions (NRS) installed new hardware from Resource Data Management (RDM) in just one week. RDM controls were retrofitted to the refrigeration system and pre-programmed for a fast changeover. RDM Circuit Controllers were selected for their compatibility with existing system probes, minimising disruption and installation time. The RDM Superpack Controllers installed on each rack were pre-programmed for immediate operation. RDM’s front-end control and monitoring solution DMTouch, with extensive energy-saving features, was installed to reduce energy consumption.

The Benefits

Processes were noticeably streamlined and optimised through the DMTouch’s refrigeration optimisation features. The DMTouch also identified several evaporators requiring calibration, which enabled further optimisation of the site. Additionally, it provided remote access and visibility, which were not available with the previous system. The new solution substantially decreased energy consumption and reduced energy costs by 36% month on month.

REFRIGERATION & BMS | Posted on 03 Dec 2018


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