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The Project

The new headquarters of Standard Chartered bank in Malaysia, consisting of retail outlets, restaurants, parking and office accommodation, required a building management system (BMS). Due to the nature of the primary tenant’s business in banking and finance, the building accommodates a substantial IT infrastructure. Additionally, a high-quality, low-carbon environment was specified, which required an all-encompassing BMS.

The Solution

The system, using Resource Data Management (RDM) hardware and software solutions, provides complete control of the building’s infrastructure. This includes VRV and split air conditioning systems, smoke exhaust fans and booster pumps, lighting, lifts, generators, fire and security systems, air handling units, and pressurisation fans. BMS controllers are linked to a control panel on each floor of the building via a local network. A DMTouch, RDM’s front-end control and monitoring solution, gives Facility Managers access to the entire system via a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone using any web browser on the device. Using open protocol communications, the DMTouch is able to link seamlessly to all building systems.

The Benefits

RDM’s BMS significantly reduces energy consumption using a sophisticated comfort index which takes actual and predicted weather conditions into account and anticipates changes. Facility Managers can carry out analyses of the wealth of collected data to diagnose issues and inefficiencies. This allows to progressively fine-tune the building’s performance, reducing operating costs and improving the comfort conditions for clients.

BMS ENERGY | Posted on 19 Dec 2014


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