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The Project

Setting exceptionally high standards, US grocer Lunds & Byerlys already had RDM controls installed on site, saving energy costs and providing a comfortable shopping environment. To reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions even further, the grocer was interested in implementing alternative solutions.

The Solution

Working with Minneapolis-based South-Town Refrigeration & Mechanical, Lunds & Byerlys installed a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system using an Advansor transcritical model with an adiabatic condenser. A range of RDM control and monitoring solutions ensure the system is performing efficiently. The solutions deliver remote access, IT security, incident handling and predictive maintenance, control the rack and hot water heat reclaim system, evaporators, lights and leak detection.

The Benefits

The transcritical system delivers a low-temperature capacity of 205.5K BTUH (-16°F) and medium-temperature capacity of 873.1L BTUH (19°F). The CO2 system has consumed less energy than an R407A system at a comparable nearby store. The system consistently performed, even during warm periods in late summer and early fall.

REFRIGERATION ENERGY | Posted on 30 Sep 2019


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