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The Project

With outdated heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) solutions in place, Pets at Home was looking to modernise its HVACR equipment to increase the estate’s sustainability. Keeping pets in their stores, they must adhere to strict temperature regulation guidelines. The business wanted to increase visibility and control to this critical element, which is central to their “pets before profit” ethos. The new systems were to be installed across its 420 stores.

The Solution

Energy management consultants Ignite Energy developed a demand reduction solution featuring Resource Data Management’s (RDM’s) systems. It consisted of LED lighting upgrades and control systems that manage in-store assets and optimise savings. LED lighting with sensors and built-in controls were installed to reduce energy consumption. Building management systems (BMS) now control all HVACR and store systems, integrated with the store security system to facilitate optimisation based on occupancy. To meet the strict animal welfare guidelines, sensors were installed to monitor and control temperatures even outwith working hours. RDM’s solutions that were used for this upgrade include Intuitive Controllers to control all of the HVACR and LED lighting systems, supported by RS485 Modbus interfaces and energy meters.

The Benefits

The comprehensive solution produced an energy reduction of over 34% across the estate in less than 12 months. Approximately 15-20 stores were retrofitted each week. This quick execution meant energy and operating costs savings were achieved quickly. Delivering a short payback and boost to profits. In addition to the financial savings, the business now also benefits from having modernised, efficient and easily controllable stores.

BMS ENERGY | Posted on 29 Oct 2018


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