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Project Summary

Signature Care Home in Purley had been experiencing problems with their heating system which wasted energy and created an uncomfortable environment for the residents. Valves associated with the heating system had been forced into a partially open position causing the radiators to always stay at the same temperature, regardless of outside conditions. As a result, inside temperatures were rising too high in the summer and sinking too low in the winter. In addition, the chiller was constantly enabled, at odds with the heating system and wasting energy.

Atmosclear, a long-term installer of RDM equipment, designed a new control and monitoring solution for the care home. This upgrade created ideal comfort levels for the residents with optimal energy use. It also allowed monitoring devices to enable predictive maintenance and alarm reporting in case of another system failure. Additional benefits, such as noise reduction of the plant, were also integrated into the new solution.

Download the full Case Study, for detailed information on how a custom PLC strategy and new control system front-end created an energy-saving system that delivers ideal comfort levels for the residents. 

BMS ENERGY | Posted on 24 Feb 2022


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