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The Project

Quality and consistency are a priority for foodservice supplier and cheese manufacturer J.S. Bailey. Robust controls are embedded at each stage of production. The expansion project delivered by Personal Refrigeration mirrors this with the installation of a high-tech refrigeration plant complete with custom control algorithms to serve multiple high temperature (HT) areas.

The Solution

The design focuses on precision control, reduced operating costs, increased system longevity and user-friendly functionality to ensure the greatest possible payback.

Two identical HT refrigeration packs, each utilising three Frascold semi-hermetic compressors, serve a number of evaporators within the storage, holding and production areas. The high-efficiency evaporator coils reduce the refrigerant charge by 15%, minimising the system’s environmental impact. Sharing the load between two packs provides contingency, eliminating costly downtime and product spoilage due to a single point failure.

A quad circuit heat recovery tank supplies hot water to various factory processes using an anti-legionella flush program as necessary. The commissioned installation benefits from inverter-driven compressor PLC algorithms, with fully independent compressor modulation for step-less and seamless loading from 11–77 kW per pack.

The refrigeration plant precisely matches the ever-changing real-time load conditions, which ensures that only minimal energy is consumed.

A custom software programme was written to ensure that compressors are running at optimal efficiency, taking into account run hours, real-time load demand and suction pressure set point. The implemented dual adaptive loading system ensures both step-less and seamless load matching, and more importantly provides the end-user with energy savings during plant operation. 

The complete case study is available for download below, which provides a comprehensive overview of the programmable logic control (PLC) strategy that was put in place to deliver the customised design.

The Benefits

Resource Data Management's (RDM) front-end system DMTouch monitors all devices on-site, analyses energy consumption and predicts running costs. The installation also benefits from high-efficiency condensers with reduced refrigerant volumes. Energy savings for this site as a whole have been estimated at 30%, by analysing compressor running times, reduced system load and defrost costs.

Refrigeration | Posted on 09 Mar 2020


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