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The Project

Miller Food Service supplies ambient, chilled and frozen food to hospitality and leisure venues throughout Yorkshire. Responding to increased demand, they needed to expand LT storage with the addition of a new freezer plant. Refrigeration specialist Personal Refrigeration designed and installed the new system, prioritising low energy consumption and running costs.

The Solution

Energy efficiency, environmentally-friendly solutions and optimal control of plant equipment and defrosting formed the primary objectives. Instead of using standard technologies with only basic control options and intensive energy consumption, Personal Refrigeration developed a bespoke solution. It included variable speed compressor systems, inverter-driven compressor PLC algorithms providing a custom isothermal low-pressure hot gas defrosting system, and refrigerant leak monitoring.

The Benefits

The custom isothermal, low-pressure hot gas defrosting overcame negative features of standard systems, such as thermal shock from high-pressure changeover and the risk of liquid flood back. Auto-set point adjustment of EPR’s to varying loads in the HT storage allows lowering the evaporating temperature automatically to control the additional load. Energy savings have been conservatively estimated to be 25-30%, based on the assumptions of compressor running times, with reduced system loadings and defrost costs.

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Refrigeration ENERGY | Posted on 14 Feb 2020


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