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The Project

New Zealand-based business Foodstuffs sought to retrofit its chiller and freezer display cabinets. Since protecting the environment is central to its business ethos, a solution that maximised energy efficiency was necessary. At the same time, the business wanted only minimal disruptions to store operations and customer service. Considering these requirements, a comprehensive approach using all of the latest HVACR technologies appeared to be the best way forward.

The Solution 

Resource Data Management’s (RDM’s) partner EcoChill installed a waterloop solution in combination with RDM’s Intuitive controller. The innovative waterloop solutions transfer heat away from individual cabinets or cold rooms and are highly-efficient, stable and environmentally friendly. It was combined with other solutions from RDM, such as controls which drive the latest in horizontal variable speed scroll compressors, electronic expansion valves, EC fan motors, and speed-controlled circulation pumps. The complete system maximised the reduction of energy use.

The Benefits

In this retail setting, the waterloop solution required 90% less refrigerant compared to standard systems. This fulfilled Foodstuffs core objective: protecting the environment. It also means a long-term benefit for operational costs, as refrigerants are substantially increasing in price. Additionally, the new system uses less electricity which further reduces costs for the business. The installation was carried out with only minimal disruptions to the store operations and customer experience.

REFRIGERATION & BMS | Posted on 31 Jan 2019


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