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Resource Data Management (RDM) Asia reviewed the impact of an EMS and BMS system they installed for Malaysian Retailer, Econsave in 2019. Initially, it was forecast that the project would, on average for each site, achieve energy savings of approximately 8% and a two-year payback.

Analysing operating data captured from across the retrofitted sites, some of which have been in operation since March 2018, RDM Asia has calculated actual savings that deliver a payback ranging from 7 to 24 months.

Setting a Baseline for Electricity Consumption

The electricity baseline for each Econsave site has been calculated based on the energy provider’s (TNB), Electricity bills. The baselines for the sites at Seri Iskandar, Klebang, Kampar, Bakri, Pasir Puteh & Triang, were calculated between October 2018 to December 2018.





Maximum Demand (MD)



Return on Investment Calculation 





The RM savings per month were then calculated based on the calculated percentage savings value. From there, the ROI is calculated using the formula:





Actual ROI for Each Site

For more than one site a faster payback period would have been achieved, had they not experience mechanical issues including Chiller Failures and electrical surges, which had a detrimental impact on the length of the payback period. RDM Asia continues to work with the site manager at the Pasir Puteh site to overcome issues, with the objective of reducing the payback period.


Refrigeration & BMS ENERGY | Posted on 06 Aug 2019


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