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The Project

In regions without a steady power grid, remote locations and disaster-stricken areas the lack of reliable cooling systems is challenging to prevent food waste or store medicines securely. To work around the problem of electricity availability, the Dutch company Vink Koeltechniek developed coldrooms powered exclusively by solar energy.

The Solution

Vink Koeltechniek supply portable walk-in refrigeration and freezer units that have high insulation values and are manufactured according to European standards. 100% solar powered, the units also feature a system to store energy for the night time. Their refrigeration system is inverter controlled and will adapt the refrigeration capacity to sun intensity. The thermal energy storage system is passive and does not require maintenance.

The whole system consists of a compressor, evaporator, condenser, specially designed ceiling-mounted “cold-energy” storage pack and solar panels on the outer roof of the container. It is controlled by an RDM Intuitive Controller (PR0650 NF TDB) with an external display. The controller’s inclusive PLC software was used to create a custom program to control and monitor the entire system.

The Benefits

Relying on solar power for 100% of their energy use, the cold rooms have no running costs and are eco-friendly. They require only little maintenance and with remote monitoring in place, technician visits are limited to absolute necessary ones. They offer areas in need a suitable solution for storing food according to HACCP requirements to prevent food waste and also for storing crucial medication and vaccines at the right temperatures.

REFRIGERATION ENERGY | Posted on 10 Sep 2019


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