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J.A.R.E Airline Training Partnership (JARE ATP) have operated in the aviation sector for more than 30 years. Central to their solution offering is a mock aircraft cabin for aviation training. Static assemblies, the mock cabins are typically used by airlines, airports and education providers to train cabin crew and air marshals. 

JARE ATP approached Ourgate Productions, a Technical Solutions for Industry Company, to create an interactive system that operates equipment within the interior of a mock aircraft. The aim was to provide a broad range of aviation activities using genuine aviation equipment and realistic sound effects to present an overall experience as close to real-life as possible.


Key to the design is programmable logic controller (PLC) software. It allows a completely customised control for every part of the mock aircraft cabin. Combined with two Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) it provides a cost-effective solution. 

Utilizing PLC controllers featuring RDM's PLC programme TDB and HD Multi-touchscreens, Ourgate Productions created a custom control solution. The TDB platform from RDM is a user-friendly programming tool featuring an extensive library of functional blocks, allowing for the creation of control algorithms as simple or sophisticated as the application requires.

The final solution included control of the following elements:

  • Flight Attendant Panel (FAP)
  • Intercom/PA
  • Passenger Service Units
  • Lighting and audio
  • Smoke elements for emergency scenarios

Download the full case study below for a detailed explanation of how the controls were achieved.


BMS | Posted on 20 Oct 2021


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