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The Project

A new Budgens convenience store, located alongside a garage performing MOTs, needed an energy monitoring and control system to manage HVAC equipment across the entire site. A complex situation a unique solution was required to fulfil the requirements of the project. In the store, refrigerated display cases, cold stores, air conditioning and lighting all needed to be controlled and monitored. While in the garage a rolling-road-test-rig, alongside the HVAC applications, were also controlled and monitored by the solution, with the power supply to the site restricted to 100Amps by the local sub-station.

The Solution

Recognising the energy limitation as a major factor, Ultra Refrigeration Ltd., the contractors installing the new system, chose Resource Data Management’s (RDMs) Programmable Logic Control software, TDB, to design a custom control strategy to prioritise and actively manage the site’s electricity use.

The Benefits

With the bespoke solution installed, the complex site’s energy use can be controlled, on site and remotely, to ensure it doesn’t exceed the allowed power limit. Budgens can thereby avoid downtime due to blown fuses which could result in a loss of refrigerated stock and revenue. The system’s remote monitoring option allows for the energy use to be monitored and controlled 24 hours from anywhere with internet access.

REFRIGERATION & BMS | Posted on 11 Feb 2015


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