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The Project

A large US grocer was determined to reduce shrinkage. One objective was to be aware of refrigeration problems as, or before, they occur and to inform their service repairers directly. The decision was made to introduce a new process to manage the warnings and alarming of essential store equipment. At that time, varying control systems were in use. The company sought an alternative to involving third-party monitoring personnel as this would create costs over an indefinite period. The final solution had to be replicated across all stores.

The Solution

The selected contractor, Axiom Energy Solutions, presented Resource Data Management’s (RDM’s) DMTouch as an option. This solution was chosen by the store, because of ease of installation and use, data logging and storage, monitoring capabilities from any device without any software or licenses and a five-year warranty. The DMTouch now provides  personnel with a full overview of the store’s heating, ventilation, air condition and refrigeration (HVACR) control equipment and lighting. E-mail notifications were set up on DMTouch to facilitate the transferring of predictive warning and alarms.

The Benefits

Operational information can now be monitored by any elected member of staff, increasing the chance that any failures are identified before they become a costly issue. The five-year storage capacity of the DMTouch records store data and insights without the need to set up a data warehouse. As the DMTouch can operate on open protocols, it was simply installed to work with the existing third-party equipment. This allowed the store to fulfil their control and monitoring requirements while realising the full potential of their existing assets.

REFRIGERATION & BMS | Posted on 17 Nov 2017


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