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The Project

Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG), owners of the Edinburgh Playhouse, were looking to reduce energy consumption on their premises. The core objective of the project was a standard service replacement of the existing heating, ventilation, air control and refrigeration (HVACR) control panel and assets. Failing third-party controls and building management system (BMS) were to be replaced.

The Solution

Resource Data Management’s (RDM’s) Intuitive PR0650 Controllers were installed to deliver efficient control of the heating, ventilation and domestic hot water system. They provided optimised weather compensation and demand-based control. This level of control was achieved by creating bespoke algorithms using RDM’s license inclusive programmable logic control (PLC) software TDB. Its programming flexibility and free custom blocks stood out compared to competitor products. Remote monitoring limited downtime, while allowing ATG to predict possible equipment failures and ensure breakdowns are handled efficiently.

The Benefits

The key benefits of the RDM solutions were scalability and the reduced costs of linking equipment on site via open protocols. The level of potential integration between RDM and third-party equipment, and the networking flexibility that RDM products and solutions provide are also important aspects.


View the full Case Study for more details about the solution. 

ENERGY BMS | Posted on 11 Aug 2016


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