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The Project

Ardent Leisure identified that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems across multiple sites were not operating efficiently. Maintenance was a challenge as the existing control system was proprietary, requiring specialist technicians. Replacement parts were also extremely expensive as they were backed by limited, short-term warranties and often needed to be replaced.

The Solution

Resource Data Management’s (RDM’s) control system was selected to expand the visibility and control of the assets. The assets were fine-tuned for maximum efficiency using RDM’s Intuitive range of programmable logic controllers (PLC). Each with RDM’s license-inclusive The Data Builder (TDB) software built in, allowing them to create complex, bespoke control strategies. RDM’s front-end system DMTouch gathers operating data and makes it available in real time and remotely. As the DMTouch has the ability to operate across open protocols, it was possible to connect, control and monitor existing, third-party units.

The Benefits

The sophisticated control solution, incorporating all HVAC plant equipment, delivered more efficient economy cycles, schedule flexibility, and remote access for interrogation. Additional peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs were another benefit, as all purchased products were backed by a five-year warranty. Ardent Leisure has now completed eight sites, resulting in energy reductions of 20% and an estimated return of investment of less than one year.

BMS ENERGY | Posted on 04 May 2016


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