Temperature Control Solutions

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Turnkey HVACR temperature control solutions ensure that assets are protected and environment are maintained at optimum levels at all times. Delivering increased profitability and helping fulfil the most aggressive sustainability objective


Intuitive PLC & Plant Control

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Intelligent, intuitive controls make complex control simple using our free PLC software - The Data Builder (TDB). Select from pre-programed options or easily configure to create bespoke solutions that precisely meet varying control needs.


DMTouch & Management

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DMTouch management solutions and displays interpret big data presenting highly relevant information that allows informed decisions to be made quickly. Fully scalable each solution is unique, to meet the most challenging specifications.


HVAC & BEMS Solutions

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RDM BEMS solutions deliver optimal control across all aspects of HVAC and lighting systems. Supported by award winning predictive monitoring and energy management software they reduce energy consumption and the associated costs.

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