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Intelligent remote monitoring, alarm handling and energy management enterprise software ActiveFMTM ensures that your facility is running at optimum levels, assets are protected and that your system is operating efficiently to minimise operating costs. ActiveFMTM gives you complete visibility of the performance and health of your infrastructure.

Cloud Technology

Capturing critical data from across your estate the user friendly ActiveFMTM interface allows you to manipulate large volumes of complex data into an easy to digest, interactive format. Web based, your data is accessible whenever and wherever you need it. With the ability to set up email alerts you don't even need to log in to know when your system needs your attention.

Each ActiveFMTM solution has been designed to give customers the tools and flexibility they need to create a monitoring solution that specifically matches their individual requirements.


There are four ActiveFMTM solutions to choose from (W1, W2, W3 and W4) including essential
alarm monitoring and due diligence, plus a full integrated facilities management solution.

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Data is collected from each site, via a dmTouch or Data Manager. WebReporter then presents it in a highly, graphical, easy to manipulate format.

Accessible via the client login on the RDM website or via an un-branded WebReporter URL, Users can mine site alarm data using a series of pre-defined reports with filters for site, alarm type, date and time for statistical analysis of the data. Allowing users to identify problem sites and trends across the client estate.

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Includes the same features as W1 with the addition of the Data Manager System parameter and time clock report and Data Manager Configuration capture and store.

ActiveFMTM collects data from each site every 24 hours, taking a snapshot of key information. The system then automatically highlights items and parameters that have changed. Resident TDB programs and dmTouch configuration files are stored securely off site for download.

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Includes the same features as W2 with the addition of WebFM2 licensing.

Clients have the ability to use their own, or a third party, service desk to monitor alarms and implement corrective action in real time.

RDM ActiveFM W4 package gif

Includes the same features as W3 with Technical Alarm Handlers and service desk provided by RDM.

Perfect for enterprise organisations as a first step to implement an in-house remote monitoring and management solution.

  W1 W2 W3 W4
Alarm forwarding by Email
Data Manager System parameter and time clock report
Dial in access
Data Manager Configuration capture and store
WebFM2 licence
Technical Alarm Handlers provided by RDM
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Live Maps

Client locations are represented as coloured pins. Configurable buttons change colour under pre-determined alarm parameters. When parameters are breached the associated pins change colour

Available as an optional plug-in with any ActiveFMTM solution.

Temperature Data Retention


When due diligence is a priority the Temperature Data Retention plug-in gathers data from each location in your estate, daily extracting the temperature data from the previous 24 hour period.

Available as an optional plug-in with any ActiveFMTM solution.

Communication Options

Dial in Access

One click connection to site via WebReporter. Dial in Access allows third party call centres or third party consultants to analyse data and trends to facilitate fault finding and remote adjustment.

Available as an optional plug-in with W1, W2 and W3.

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KwhebTM is RDM's cloud-based energy dashboard. KwhebTM gives you the power to easily and effectively manage energy consumption, reduce energy costs and meet sustainability objectives.

Available as an optional plug-in with any ActiveFMTM solution or as a stand-alone product..